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How do I know if the Valero I see is a Corner Store?

CST Brands directly operates company run convenience stores under the name Corner Store.  The simplest way to determine if a location is operated by CST Brands is to observe the presence of the Corner Store logo cornerstore_logo.pngprominently displayed on the exterior of the building and/or location signage.
I have a store(s) that I would like to sell. Are you interested? 

CST Brands, Inc.(CST) may be interested in single property acquisition IF the property is located in our existing operating area: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, or Wyoming. We are not interested if the property is outside of this area unless a potential acquisition would involve several locations. If your property meets this criteria, please send an email to and your email will be shared with a Real Estate Representative or Acquisition Manager who will contact you directly.
Who can I talk to about making an offer on a property?

CST Brands, Inc.(CST) owned and operated locations are most easily identified by the Corner Store brand on the front of the building. If the property you are interested in is branded “Corner Store”, please send an email to RealEstate@CST and your email will be shared with a Real Estate Manager who will contact you directly. Most of the stores are not for sale at this time.
If the property is not CST branded however sells Valero fuel please direct your inquiry to
How do I open my own location?

Currently CST Brands, Inc.(CST) is not in the franchise market. All Corner Store locations are owned or operated by CST.


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